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Tarentorus Public School currently has 285 students spanning from Junior Kindergarten to grade 8. We believe in academic excellence.  To achieve excellence, our students must develop high-quality learning skills - responsibility, organization, independence, collaboration, initiative, and self-regulation as a foundation for excellence.  As a school, we must provide quality teaching/ learning experiences that emphasize the use of high-yield instructional strategies.  Ongoing partnerships characterized by mutual support between home and school are an important element of academic success for our students. 
We believe in outstanding character.  Our students know that our character is evident in everything that we do.  It must be seen and heard each and every day. We continue to facilitate the development of respect, responsibility, cooperation, citizenship, loyalty, honesty, integrity, fairness, courage, perseverance, empathy and leadership.  Developing outstanding character goes beyond the classroom.  Our students are encouraged to give back to the community with the knowledge that their efforts make a positive difference.  Outstanding character is developed through jobs, clubs, our “Houses”, our team sports, our special events, and our individualized special needs programs. 
The attitude that we bring to all of our endeavours and the effort that our students put forth is the foundation on which academic excellence and outstanding character are built.  We believe that a positive effort and attitude are the tools for our students to be engaged and successful – both now and in the future. Students must be actively engaged in the learning process, strive to do their “best work” at all times, and demonstrate their commitment to ongoing growth and improvement if they are to be successful.